Plot 68313 Unit 4
Phakalane Industrial, Gaborone, Botswana

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Mondays – Fridays:
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Ours is a story of compassion in action, a childhood dream, a passion that just happens to be called work. Ours is a journey of exploration, discovery, and an insatiable appetite to be daring, different, inquisitive, all in a quest to bring out the best outcomes for our patients, clients, and our nation.

Our roots and rooted in this great sand desert that is quenched by the great waters of the Okavango delta.

We carry a deep sense of belonging, a sense of purpose to deliver day in day out, 365 days a year. We have three passions- animals, humans and our beloved red sand desert we call home, we call Botswana.


Is backed by years of solid experience, locally and internationally. We trained at the best institutions the world has to offer and continue to enrich our expertise, experience and skills to ensure that at all times you get our best and nothing but our best, simply because we care.


We understand that your family pet is indeed just that- part of the family. Loyal companionship, devoted friend and unwavering sentinel guard of your home. We at Vetpro understand this and give our best to ensure they are in the best of health.


Whether you have 3 goats or 300, 1 cow or 200, cattle-post or ranch, we will always tailor and listen to your needs every-time, all the time.


Our unique blend of skills, experience and expertise in agriculture, wildlife and sustainable tourism enables us to provide realistic and home-grown solutions for diversified sustainable land-use utilization anywhere in Botswana.